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Posted by Pocketmath on Jan 12, 2015 11:12:00 AM

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Since starting as an idea in 2011 and going live with our platform in 2013, hundreds of hours have been dedicated to creating and improving the PocketMath Platform. In 2015, we expect these hours to multiply exponentially as we add new features, explore new partnerships and stretch our PocketPotential like never before.

Many of these hours will be dedicated to our Platform but we also decided, it's time to set aside some hours to keep up this corner of PocketMath.

Sure, we can always meet on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn but here, we can chalk up some alone time at your own convenience. We can share our exciting plans for the future, let you know when we need to go for upkeep, and confess what we do when we think you're not watching.

Welcome to PocketBlog!

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