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Posted by Pocketmath on Apr 2, 2015 7:15:16 PM

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We were going to publish this yesterday but as 1 April 2015, is traditionally known for April Fools, we didn't want you think we were pranking you! Because, one, we leave that to the experts and two, we've been working really hard y'know!

So, here's our no-prank-honest-to-god update today on what's been cooking in Q1:

We've released a new Weekly heatmaps feature, which lets you have an overview of which orders are performing better when. See how that works here.

enhanced banner options


We've enhanced Banner creatives so now you can track impressions and clicks without having to resort to JS tags. Put in your URL when uploading your creative and we take care of the rest!

We take abuse of our creative policy very seriously and will take action as necessary.

Preview your Creative!


Lost in your infinite list of orders? You can check your creative to find out which order you're searching for - click on the Creative column and a preview will pop up!

Thanks for maintaining an inifinite list. We take it to mean you love us ;)


We've integrated with Paypal!
Read more here!

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 11.11.58 am

More inventory and trackers for you!
We take our promise of global outreach very seriously.





















Aside from that, thanks to everyone who've alerted us about our D'oh moments so we could fix them.

  • Data can now sorted by clicking the relevant columns across any of the tables in the Platform.
  • Legacy reports available in earlier versions have been restored
  • Notification emails, alerting when orders are reaching their budget limit, have been implemented
  • Adjusting for market realities, we've lowered the maximum CPM values for the following countries:
Bangladesh Brazil Cambodia
India Indonesia Iraq
Malaysia Mexico Myanmar
Nigeria Pakistan Philippines
South Africa Turkey Thailand

That's a wrap of all the notable highlights of what was thrown in the pot.
We almost always* love hearing from you so do say hello
See you soon!

*Well, we don't want to lie!



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