7 winning mobile strategies to try this holiday season

Posted by Hannah Jeon on Nov 23, 2017 8:09:36 AM

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This holiday season, 54% of visits to shopping sites will come from smartphones and tablets, surpassing desktop computers for the first time, according to Adobe Analytics annual suite of online holiday retail predictions. Moreover, mobile shopping will account for 34% of online purchase revenue, up from 30% last year. Simply put, mobile will have a bigger share of the predicted $107.4 billion in online holiday spending this year.

Needless to say, the holiday season will be very competitive particularly for e-commerce (and m-commerce) players. These mobile strategies will give you the winning edge.

Be The Early Bird


1. Be the early bird.

Savvy marketers must prep their mobile strategy earlier as more consumers are expected to start their holiday season shopping spree earlier than last year – “October through mid-November” for mobile-first shoppers in the US, according to a study.



Allocate Ad Budget Wisely2. Allocate budget wisely.

The extended holiday shopping season means you can also spread your ad budget. Allocate it a few months earlier during Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday,
And not just before “the holiday”, i.e. Christmas. Smart online shoppers buy early because of shipping time or the fear of missing popular items that could quickly go out of stock.



Stay Relevant


3. Stay relevant.

Message relevance with the right creative and timing will get your desired action. (Don't forget to A/B test your creative and copy!)  For example, a shopper might check the holiday shopping hours for Macy's on their mobile device. How are you going to leverage their shopping behavior?



Go Local4. Go local.

Your strategy, whether it is your choice of message, creative, size, or type, e.g. banner, dynamic ads, in-banner video, or rewarded video, should be optimized for your local target audience. Understand their behavior, know what works for them and what doesn’t. Better still, take advantage of hyper-local mobile advertising to maximize impact.



Simplify Path To Conversion5. Simplify path to conversion.

Reduce unnecessary steps to conversion, i.e. mobile purchase. Are you a retail app marketer? Guide users to the most relevant in-app screen. Instead of leading users to the home screen, use deep links to take them to the last product viewed or the item advertised in the ad they clicked on. Again, better behavior understanding gets a higher conversion.



Test and Optimize6. Test, test, test and optimize.

Start to test to ensure what works best before prices peak. Thus, you can act fast when the holiday craze is in full swing.  Consumers are already thinking about the holidays – you should have, too. Inventory is more expensive in November and December, so spend your money well by applying data-driven strategies.



Use Optimization and Automation


7. Use optimization and automation smartly.

You don’t need to stay with your monitor all day, every day during the holiday season. Use frequency caps, campaign rules for monitoring, performance optimizing, or automating the campaign, so you don’t get hit by an “over spent” bomb.



If you are a Pocketmath user, here are some Rules you can use for the holiday season.

  • Monitoring - CPC, CPM and conversion rates in the context of how much you spend.
  • Optimize publisher performance - Monitor, adjust, and pause what doesn’t hit your targets in real time.
  • Automation - Use Rules to automate your campaign workflow based on pre-defined triggers related to ad spend, budget or performance.
  • Add to List - Leverage learnings and insights from one campaign and recycle them across other campaigns through “Add to List”. Fight underperforming publishers  through blacklists, and retarget high performing publishers through whitelist. 
  • Custom Data - Create optimization rules from your own data.




If you are not engaging consumers this holiday season, you can bet someone else is. So better put your holiday advertising strategy to work, pronto.



Talk to your expert to create smarter mobile ad campaigns.




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