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Posted by Kumar Samanvaya on Jul 20, 2016 5:00:00 PM

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Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, we are now swimming in data—though some days, it feels more like we’re drowning, caught in the undertow and being dragged out to sea. One of the life rafts that we here at Pocketmath have to help keep you afloat in this sea of data is our reports feature.


And that raft just got an upgrade with what we’re dubbing “Improved Reports”.

We feel that reports should be insightful (more relevant information, less noise), and flexible (covering whatever date-and-time range required). And new Reports feature meets these needs.

How to play around with this new feature?

Log in to the Pocketmath platform, click Reports on the navigation panel on the left side of the window (in the Review section), and then click New Report.

Initiating a  new report


The New Report page opens, where you can choose how to customize your reports. You’ll discover that you can now set frequency for your reports and have them served in your inbox regularly with freshly compiled data. Cool…but we think you’ll be even more excited by the Filters, Format, and Preview features :


A wide range of filters are now available for generating reports, filters that can be applied in various permutations to pick and choose the campaign and order data—allowing you to create the most appropriate report to meet your needs.

Filter Options in the report

The fields are all customizable, so if you don’t want a particular field, you can easily get rid of it.



With the Format feature, you can get more detailed information about campaign analytics, as well as the ability to prioritize columns of information in the report. Opt for pre-defined report formats (including hourly, daily, monthly, device, exchanges, and publishers), or try to customize the parameters, as needed—either by choosing Custom from the drop down-menu or by selecting I would like to customize the format of my report.

And you can further break down this information by time period, campaign, order, publisher, exchange, platform, operating system.



It’s a hassle to download a report again and again…only to realize that the report doesn’t meet your formatting needs. In Reports 2.0, though, you can now preview your reports before you generate them. Just select Preview to get a quick look at your report format.

Option to Preview Reports


So that’s the rundown. Want to know more? Check out our detailed article in the Knowledge Base. (Be sure to have your Pocketmath user ID and password ready; you’ll need them to view this article.)

Have a feedback ? We are always open to it.


If you are new, you may contact us to learn more about Pocketmath.




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