Beyond the Banner: Advertisers are increasingly adopting Native Advertising

Posted by Hannah Jeon on Sep 28, 2017 12:05:37 PM

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If you're like the majority of advertisers, you've probably already recognized the potential of native advertising. Like many marketers, though, you might not yet have realized its full potential.

How Native Advertising works

Native advertising is paid content that matches the form (and content, to some degree) of the platform on which it appears. Native advertising attempts to integrate the advertisement with the content of the site where it is placed so the ad is relevant to the viewer's search and reaches its target audience without interfering with the viewer's user experience.   


Native Ad vs. Banner Ad

For years, banner ads have been the standard for online advertising. However, advertisers are increasingly adopting native advertising. Years of banner ad over-saturation have contributed to increasing ineffectiveness as consumers grow more immune to traditional banner advertising, causing declining click-through rates.

Native advertising, when implemented appropriately, offers more than 120 percent higher performance compared to conventional banners.


<source: Avocarrot>


Native ads' success can be attributed to the following factors:


  • Consumer sophistication has increased, as has their distaste for being sold to. The majority of people age 18 to 44 are more likely to trust branded content, and younger consumers are more likely to use ad blockers.
  • Since native ads comply with the editorial standards of the publisher where the ad is placed, they appear as content and bypass security measures designed to block banner and other ads.


How you can enjoy the benefits of Native Advertising

Native marketing has inherent challenges that can easily become obstacles to advertisers without sufficient expertise. Lack of optimization leads to misspent budgets, disappointing results and frustrating failure to achieve the medium's potential.



You are an expert when it comes to your market; Pocketmath, a top mobile DSP, is an expert when it comes to reaching that market. Through a partnership with Avocarrot, Pocketmath can help you explore new opportunities through “banner-to-native” ad type.



Banner vs. Banner-to-Native


Banner to List


Banner to Feed



  • Your banner demand is served through premium native inventory.
  • Your banner responses are parsed, and a native ad is programmatically created and served in the respective ad space.
  • No extra actions are needed on your part, and the conversion from banner-to-native happens within milliseconds.
  • Formats and sizes are sent within the banner request.
  • Tracking and performance monitoring are made easier thanks to clear viewability conditions.


To take advantage of the ever-growing potential of native advertising, contact Pocketmath with your questions or sign up and get started today.




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