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APAC Ad Spend Shows Evergreen Tendencies; Drops 33% Less in January than World

Feb 8, 2019 11:53:15 AM


APAC vs World Spending.


EZOIC’s Global Online Ad Revenue Index.

Like every year since 2008, January saw a drop in global online ad revenues from December. No surprises.

What’s more interesting: We see revenues drop 33% less in APAC than in the rest of the world.

The Asia-Pacific region has a unique diversity across cultures and religions.  Chinese New Year, Christmas, Ramadan and Deepavali are spread throughout the calendar.

With such diversity in gift giving times, shopping opportunities and travel, Asia is naturally an evergreen environment for ad spending.  Asia has just maybe the healthiest first quarter for digital anywhere on the planet.

Each Chinese New Year inspires the world’s largest annual migration over a span of 40 days. Migration surrounding the holiday accounted for an estimated 3.7 billion trips within China alone in 2015.

Curiously, Chinese New Year occurs in late January to early February.  This brings life to first quarters. According to eMarketer, China itself accounts for 45% of digital ad spend in Asia.

The influence of Chinese holidays goes well beyond the country’s borders.  Numerous and large concentrations of ethnic Chinese flourish throughout the region.

Asia doesn’t leave behind the annual bonanza starting in November that runs to Christmas. In Asia, the originally American Black Friday and Cyber Monday events are now serious business.  Lazada and Amazon both get in heavily on the action.

Also each November, China has its own shopping event Singles Day which began in 2009. The event last occurred on November 11 a couple of weeks ahead of Black Friday.  In an astonishing 24 hours last year, Alibaba nailed over US$30 billion in revenue from Singles Day.

Singles day is also gaining ground in countries including Singapore and Thailand.  According to CNBC, the event powered US$123 million in gross revenues for Southeast Asian e-commerce player Lazada.

Moreover, Asia now leads the globe with 45% of ad spend going toward digital as opposed to the global average at 40% according to WARC.

Make no mistake, worldwide year on year revenues have consistently grown as evidenced by a PWC report.  The future is bright for digital.  If you want to keep that engine ticking all year long, Asia offers unique opportunity.

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Eric Tucker

Written by Eric Tucker