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AppGraph: Discover, target new mobile audiences including from rivals with PRO

Sep 25, 2018 7:45:38 AM

Pocketmath PRO lets advertisers use different targeting methods to reach mobile users who may be a competitor’s customers. It gets better with AppGraph, PRO’s audience discovery feature that offers the ability to discover new audiences including a competitor’s users. Now, advertisers have a more direct way to turn their rival’s users into their own and even more.



Discover the apps your audiences would look at

PRO’s AppGraph provides mobile app audience insights so you can target a selected group of Android users based on the apps they own on their mobile devices.

Using the Audiences on PRO, you can build out audience profiles first, then create a custom audience list after. For example, let’s say you want to run a mobile campaign for a shopping app and target female young professionals. This could be the audience profile/persona:

  •  Female, born between 1980 and 2000
  • Topics of interest: Dating, finding a career path, entertainment, fashion, education, health, saving money
  • Their regular day looks like: Wakes up at 7 am, takes public transport or drives to workplace, work from 9am to 6pm, go home and relax.
  • Often, they like hanging out with friends at a café or bar and practice a hobby
  • They need attention, affirmation, self-expression and community


This profile gives you a crystal-clear understanding of the lifestyle and context of your target audiences. More importantly, you know the apps they would look at, and the mobile moment when they reach their mobile devices for assistance.

AppGraph helps increase the chances of getting in front of your target audience. It enables you to place relevant messaging on the apps they would be likely to use and your competitor’s apps as well. Furthermore, AppGraph helps ensure that you are spending your mobile budget most efficiently.



Here’s how to start. In the AppGraph Audience page, filter apps by Country, Category, App Rating*, Content Rating*, Author, or you can search a specific app in the search bar. Once you get a list of apps that you want to target, select these apps and review an estimated reach count which is the approximate audience size you will be targeting.

* App Rating and Content Rating is the same rating system used in Google Play Store. In Google Play Store, Content Rating provides information of age appropriations of an app or the content in an app to respective users.

* AppGraph data is only available for Australia, Indonesia, Singapore and USA as of December 6, 2018. India data will be available soon.

* Update: India data is available as of January 14, 2019.

Explore how Pocketmath PRO can empower advertisers with AppGraph!




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Hannah Jeon

Written by Hannah Jeon