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AppGraph Peek: Best Your Competitors

Feb 19, 2019 2:45:55 PM


Competitor TargetingDuring the Super Bowl earlier this month, Pepsi took a star studded dig at Coca Cola:

“I'll take a Coke?”

“Is a Pepsi okay?” ...

“Pepsi’s more than okay.”


The published rate for 30 second TV spots was US$5.7 million.  The ad was a minute long.

Adversarial marketing is nothing new.

Imagine you could advertise precisely to each of your competitor’s customers.  Imagine you could pitch what makes your app, product or service better to the people most interested.

Pocketmath has a new offering called AppGraph.  AppGraph allows our customers to target audiences based on what apps they have installed.

Under the covers, the data is extensive.  We are able to analyze which apps are installed, how often they’re opened and when they were last used.  Virtually every major app is included from hundreds of millions of devices. The data and capabilities are growing rapidly.

Here’s a peek at what you can do right now.

Apps in the Graph including Facebook and WhatsApp.

Choose from apps with audiences large and small.  That's Amazon, Instagram, Netflix and Facebook as well as many regional and fledgling apps.

Let's try an example in food delivery:


These are people who are already active in the vertical.

In our US food delivery example, we find an audience of Uber Eats, Grubhub, DoorDash and popular pizza restaurants with a combined reach of up to 6.6 million.  That's millions of people who probably order delivery on their phone.

Add the audience to your campaign:


And prosper:
Graph with conversions up and to the right.

Why it works:  Tapping into human psychology.  It's been said we date the same type over and over.  People prefer specific genres of music.  Some people love spicy food; others hate it.

When somebody likes to have dinner delivered, that's a preference based on lifestyle, living environment, culture and priorities.  People who loved a game like Sim City are more drawn to modern strategy games that involve city or base building.  If you're comfortable shopping online for most of your daily needs, you're likely open to trying out a fun, new or less expensive way to do it.

Pocketmath's AppGraph unlocks doors to target people who have already expressed love for similar offerings.  Rooted in well known behavior, adversarial marketing works.

This is only beginning.  As we discover and provide new ways to correlate the data, doors open.  More data, more analytics and more targeting to come.

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Eric Tucker

Written by Eric Tucker