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Audience Networks Are The Future Of Advertising

Apr 24, 2019 8:12:04 AM

Technology has gone mobile, and advertising is coming with it. With mobile marketing expected to be 86 percent of digital ad spend by 2022, a growing method of advertising is filling the need to ensure ads reach the right customers at the right time and place. Enter the rise of the Audience Network, a new era of adtech that allows social media marketers to expand their targeting and buy ads that reach users across a wide range of whitelisted apps.


Whether it be games, shopping or reading the latest celebrity gossip, apps have seized consumers’ attention and make the most logical sense as a spot for placing ads. With in-app spending holding over 87 percent of total mobile ad spending, audience networks (and the apps they reach) are the way of the present and the future for monetizing the mobile marketplace. Audience networks are not going away any time soon, as the mobile-only Snapchat this month joined the party of social media companies launching an audience network.

Why is in-app advertising through audience networks so effective? A major reason is that audience networks offer more context to advertisers when it comes to reaching the right target user on their app. Apps can provide the location, demographic details, and more data on their users, relaying this information to an audience network and letting marketers better find the ‘who’ for their campaign’s audience targeting. This also results in higher engagement for users being served these ads, as a user’s “profile” has more relevant information that allows relevant advertisers to reach them and helps irrelevant brands and products appear less and less in their in-app advertisements.

Audience networks are a self-fulfilling prophecy of profitability, as they provide a base of support for participating mobile apps. These apps get a cut of the ad spend, meaning apps within Facebook’s Audience Network, for example, receive a cut of the spend any time a Facebook marketer uses the audience network. In return, marketers using the audience network have seen it to be a cost-effective measure of reaching their market.

Consumers are becoming smarter about the proliferation of digital ads on the common platforms they use. Users’ improved selective attention helps them ignore ads that feel like ads or are placed where eyes are used to seeing them. Audience networks alleviate this issue providing more flexible placement of in-app advertisements. Rather than become an annoying pop-up that users race to exit out of or a banner ad that is easily scrolled past, apps on audience networks feature interactive ads that feel more native and see higher engagement.

With the unprecedented level of targeting available, audience networks allow advertisers to significantly expand their reach to new potential consumers. If an advertiser is targeting an audience with a very narrow set of demographics and interest, the audience network can at least find more off-platform targets to serve an ad to.

They also give marketers an additional touchpoint to reach users. Consumers respond to seeing ads in different formats, and data has shown a strong correlation between the number of digital touchpoints and the likelihood that customers will choose a specific brand.

With Pocketmath, you can use the inventory of publishing partners to create and optimize your own de-facto audience network. Using our 10 main targeting options, you can customize the who, when, where and how of your ad distribution. To really accelerate mobile ad success, Pocketmath’s AppGraph feature allows advertisers to target audiences based on what apps they have installed. Through this layered targeting, marketers can truly hone in on the best possible in-app audiences that match with who they want to reach.




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Nuno Jonet

Written by Nuno Jonet