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The Audiences Module: A versatile way to capture new mobile audiences

Sep 25, 2018 7:44:15 AM

Every advertiser dreams of managing their audience seamlessly in one place — from profiling, creating segments, and grouping, to targeting, retargeting and suppressing. Ideally, this place can also optimize the media buying process towards specific target audiences and according to business objectives. 

Advertisers can do all of these with Pocketmath PRO.



“Audiences”, a newly added platform module, empowers advertisers on PRO by giving them full control over their audience discovery, management and targeting. It consists of three parts that help you build audiences by type:  

  1. Retargeting (with your own 1st party audience)
  2. Competitor Targeting (with AppGraph audience)
  3. Demographic & Lifestyle Targeting (with 3rd party audience data)

With the Audience Module, you’re not just targeting mobile users who are much more likely to pay attention to your brand. On top of retargeting those who show interest in your adverts, you’ll find new customers including those from rivals.

What are the advantages of using “Audiences”?

  • Minimized ad wastage on irrelevant target audience
  • Ability to define the ideal customer journey for specific audiences
  • Increased engagement and conversions
  • Increased customer lifetime value



A quick glimpse

To start, create an audience list of your choice by clicking on “Create Audience” in the Audiences module. Please remember that this is where all the audience lists that you created live. Next step will be creating a campaign and targeting the audiences.

The new module can also be found in the Ad Set Creation page to allow you to manage your audiences from multiple angles and make the most out of it.

Simply define the target audience persona for your campaign strategy to create and customize audience segments. Use the Audience Module and combine distinct types of Audience Targeting to your preference e.g. a American woman who uses a competitor’s app, earns more than 100K, etc. 


Explore how Pocketmath PRO can empower advertisers the Audiences!




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Hannah Jeon

Written by Hannah Jeon