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Pocketmath's next big step: Going PRO

Posted by Eric Tucker on Jun 25, 2018 8:44:48 PM


Marketers have been talking about the level of complexity of Programmatic, multiple tasks management, manual "campaign automation", non-real time data, lack of insights, transparency, and performance. Eric Tucker our co-founder talks about  Pocketmath's new product launch — Pocketmath PRO — to address the challenges that programmatic marketers face today.


This week Pocketmath announces -- to the wider world -- Pocketmath PRO, a new offering we're very proud of. Our team has worked hard since identifying the need for PRO last year. The result is the best thing yet we’ve given to our customers.

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Dear publishers: Advertisers need your help to stay effective in a GDPR'd Europe

Posted by Eric Tucker on May 25, 2018 11:12:54 AM

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) amplifies the reliance of advertisers in Europe on publishers’ consent and contextual data. After all, these factors are essential to the survival of the entire digital advertising ecosystem. In this piece for ExchangeWire, Eric Tucker co-founder & executive chair; and Nuno Jonet VP product (both pictured below) Pocketmath, aims to provide both discussion and practical suggestions for publishers.

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