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Hai Line Hua

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2 min read

Native Videos : More Reach, More Engagement

By Hai Line Hua on Jun 6, 2019 8:00:00 AM

Native advertising is growing rapidly and according to IHS research, 63.2% of mobile display advertising will be Native in 2020, about $53 billion in total advertiser spend.

Topics: Industry News & Trends
4 min read

A world of possibilities with Geo-Targeting

By Hai Line Hua on Jul 9, 2018 4:29:44 PM

The ever-increasing time that people spend on mobile devices consequently increases the insights that we can utilize to serve more relevant messages to them. It has also allowed Pocketmath to design and deliver up to nine targeting options, one of which is Geo/Location/Hyperlocal targeting which enable us to find out more about your target audience’s geographical location.

Topics: Tips & How to Product Features
3 min read

Hit the right target with these 9 mobile targeting options

By Hai Line Hua on Jul 4, 2018 4:14:11 PM

Your programmatic advertising journey begins with creating a set of criteria that define your chosen target customer segment, according to your campaign strategy, based on a strong understanding of your audience and their online behavior.

Topics: Tips & How to Product Features