Easier results with automatically optimised CPC Targeting

Posted by Hannah Jeon on Jan 27, 2017 12:12:32 PM

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Say goodbye to the manual juggling of which publishers, OS, or ad exchanges to prioritise in order to maximise your campaign's returns!


With Pocketmath’s optimisation for CPC targeting—released to all of our customers in the last week of January 2017— you can maximise your campaigns’ costs per click.




How does Pocketmath optimisation for CPC targeting work?

When an order is configured to be optimised for clicks and given a CPC target, Pocketmath’s optimisation algorithm begins working to achieve the desired goal, evaluating the odds of a click for each impression that matches your order. If the probability falls below a determined threshold, the system quickly moves on to the next impression.





All you need to do is set a target CPC.


For existing customers for whom optimise for clicks has already been enabled, the changeover is automatic, and you can now set target CPCs for new orders.



If you aren't already registered with Pocketmath, we would love to hear from you! 





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