June 2018: FIFA World Cup and big opportunities for mobile programmatic advertisers

Posted by Hannah Jeon on May 28, 2018 3:44:08 PM

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The FIFA World Cup 2018 begins in June, and it's an exciting time for mobile programmatic advertisers and mobile-driven brands.

Unofficially the world's largest sporting event, the FIFA World Cup offers an outstanding opportunity to businesses ranging from broadband services to beverage brands.


Here's what you need to know about mobile programmatic advertising opportunities during this major affair.


Understanding mobile conversion tracking and attributions

The World Cup draws a global focus, which means advertisers and sponsors participating in the event are appealing to a wide selection of audiences.

As it stands now, TV rights are a major cash-cow. The Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) itself negotiates individual rights for the World Cup in each country. This year, American-Spanish network Telemundo and U.S. network Fox will carry the rights, at a cost of about $1.25 billion.

Because it is such a large event, The Fédération Internationale de Football Association utilizes three tiers to organize its sponsors: Partners, World Cup Sponsors and National Supporters. While Partners have the highest association with FIFA, World Cup Sponsors have rights to both the FIFA Confederations Cup and the FIFA World Cup globally. The National Supporter tier, finally, is meant for individual companies in the host country of events and allows said companies to promote their association with FIFA domestically.


How the World Cup Audience Watches

According to a survey of about 80,000 internet users (conducted by GlobalWebIndex), consumers in Latin America are most likely to be watching the FIFA World Cup. There, about 65 percent of web users will watch the event online and on TV. The saturation is lower in Europe, where 47 percent of consumers will watch the event.




Examples of brands that can take advantage of the event include TV broadband services, which can advertise before the event, beverage brands, which can relate their brand to the exciting sports and spirit, and athletic brands, which have the chance to sponsor athletes or relate their products to the exciting events in the World Cup.


The World Cup offers ample advertising opportunities for merchants. Keep in mind that, since so much of the World Cup's viewership will access the event on mobile, not only brands such as beverage brands or athletic brands but also mobile-driven brands such as food delivery apps, shopping apps, party supply apps, and rideshare apps have special opportunities during the showing.


3 Tips to Succeed at World Cup Digital and Mobile Advertising




Interested in advertising on some level during the world cup? Here are a few tips for success:


1. Target Time zones

With such a large global audience, time targeting is essential. As you develop your campaigns, develop programmatic methods to target -- device or platform targeting, time targeting, location targeting, app publisher targeting and so on. Remember that there are different country audiences watching the World Cup, so it's essential to do the right time targeting. Pay some additional attention to location targeting, as well, as people convene to watch the event together, and understanding where allows you to understand which verticals will be most popular. 


2. Use Localized Hashtags

Avoid getting lost in the fray by using the unofficial hashtags related to each game, rather than the official #WorldCup hashtag. This allows you to stay on top of the action and keep abreast of the events.


3. Use Digital Mobile Advertising

As the World Cup draws near, invest anew in mobile advertising. Specifically programmatic advertising - while creating a mobile programmatic campaign is essential, you'll also want to add multimedia content on a landing page. Make it work as well as possible for you by understanding who your audience is and orchestrating the journey cohesively so people can see the results of your advertising campaigns, including impressions, clicks, installs, video views, actions, and first orders.




Looking Toward the World Cup 2018

As the FIFA World Cup 2018 draws near, merchants in a variety of niches are excited about the advertising potential of this huge event. Because FIFA offers three separate support tiers and various ways to participate with content, companies specializing in digital and mobile programmatic advertising will find plenty of opportunities to make their voices heard.


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