Five best practices to maximize mobile video advertising

Posted by Hannah Jeon on Nov 30, 2017 9:30:00 AM

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If you run a B2B company and you want to maximize the effectiveness of your advertising today, one tactic to take advantage of is mobile video advertising. Video advertising is more popular than ever, and by placing mobile video ads you can get your content in front of the right people. Here are some of the best practices for maximizing your mobile video efforts so you can ensure you get the best ROI possible.


 1. Optimize the Length of the Video

In order to make the most gripping and engaging video possible, stick to 15 seconds or less. This is preferable due to the short attention span that humans have today.

 2. Focus on High Completion and Viewability

You want your videos to be watched all the way through. Receive high completion and viewability results with non-skippable -- but closable -- video. That way, you get people to see your message, but you don't alienate the people that really don't want to watch your content.


3. Leverage End Cards

At the end of your video, add a call-to-action to keep users engaged and to track ROI. By including an end card in your video, you can deliver 3X greater engagement.




 4. Ensure Brand Safety

Target users with full-screen ads within the apps they are using. These ads can be verified by both Apple's iTunes and Google's Play store. That way, your branded content doesn't get mixed with something else a user sees on a device screen.


 5. Leverage the Right Tags

Use a VAST ad format. It allows pre-caching of videos, and this ultimately results in a better user experience.



At Pocketmath, we believe in -- and depend on -- these five practices for ads that convert, and we're ready to propel your campaigns to the next level with compelling ads formats. We deliver the best ROI for mobile marketers and deliver the next generation of ad experiences for your mobile consumers.


Begin your in-app advertising journey by contacting us to plan your mobile advertising journey. We can help you get started creating content for formats like the Rewarded (Opt-in) Video, which allows you to reward users with in-app items for watching video ads.



Talk to your expert to create smarter mobile ad campaigns.



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