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Posted by Hannah Jeon on Jan 26, 2017 3:14:31 PM

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 We wrote about this back in our Pocketmath newsletter in November 2016. If you are one of our existing clients and need step-by-step directions to set this up, click to go to the Pocketmath Support Center*.




Due to their relevancy and unobtrusiveness, native ads mostly drive higher user engagement and save your campaign from ad blocking. In fact, a recent campaign by Pandora, which ran on Hearst Magazine’s UK mobile properties, received 150% higher expansion rates compared to standard expandable advertisements.


Having proven its reputation, we have heard that our clients are achieving success in delivering high conversion rates through native ads. We've observed the cost per conversion falling by up to 33% for certain campaigns, though native clicks can be more expensive than banner.


Native ads are designed to blend into the function and form of the content around them, so they fit more seamlessly within a user’s experience. For that reason, it is best that your native ads match the content that surrounds them in terms of look, feel and style. If you do well, your ads can complement and positively contribute to the apps or pages upon which they appear by improving user experience and providing value for customers.



Creatives matter for native advertising

Before running a mobile native ad campaign, here is a quick snapshot about what you will do set up such a campaign on the Pocketmath mobile ad platform:


  1. Each native publisher has different requirements. Therefore, the first step is to log on to the Pocketmath platform, Explore the different publishers, and check their creative requirements (such as the creative size).
  2. If Ad type is selected as Native, choose the country/region you want to target, and then click Search.
  3. Check the required asset information of the native publishers,
  4. Click New Creative, and then create your native ads with all the necessary assets required for the publisher. All of the necessary assets are added automatically; you just need to fill them out.


* Be sure to have your Pocketmath user ID and password ready; you’ll need them to log in.


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