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Go smart retargeting and build campaigns based on audience actions

Jan 7, 2019 6:24:50 PM

Retargeting is very helpful in bringing users back to the product they searched for, and eventually drive conversions. It’s highly effective for app marketers especially eCommerce retailers as shopping cart abandonment rates can go as high as 74.2%.

Retargeting helps not only in reminding customers of a product and steering them back, but also in building brand awareness through enhanced exposure.

Why retargeting?

• B2B brands use retargeting to promote content and brand affinity

• Educational organizations use it to build awareness among potential recruits

• Retail brands use retargeting to increase customer lifetime value with loyalty campaigns

Collect audiences based on previous audience activity


 In PRO, we made “retargeting” simpler and easier by facilitating the process of collecting and building mobile audiences based on their previous activity, tracked through “KPI events”.

This means, for example, based on audiences who interacted with your brand through previous mobile ads but didn’t move down the funnel, you can now build a list of audiences including a custom whitelist/blacklist.

Using this new feature, advertisers can design more dynamic campaigns that reignite user intent and induce “the next action”.

This is how you do it

Just upload a list of audiences and/or collect audience data from your campaigns/ad sets. To do this, simply gather and build audiences by selecting KPI events (such as clicks, app install, app open).

For instance, you can “Collect From” your campaigns and ad setsPeople withclicks but “without” install.

To activate the list, attach it to your campaign or ad set as a whitelist or blacklist using PRO’s campaign wizard.

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Hannah Jeon

Written by Hannah Jeon