Harness the power of 1st-party data integration: the key to higher advertising returns

Posted by Hannah Jeon on Apr 18, 2017 11:25:03 AM

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Your data is powerful. However, it becomes considerably less powerful if you don’t know how to make use of it. 


There are three key types of data — first-party, second-party and third-party. First-party data is the most powerful because it’s the stuff you collect directly from your customers; therefore, it’s your most relevant and accurate data source.


According to a survey by Econsultancy, almost three-quarters of marketers said first-party data provides them with the greatest insights into their customers’ behavior.

Of those surveyed who produce a strong return on investment (ROI) from their data, 81% said they use first-party data regularly, compared to 77% who use second-party data, and only 61% who use third-party data.


Obviously, marketers are constantly looking to get value from their data-driven marketing efforts. However, according to research, lack of availability or insufficient functionality of the supporting technology can make doing so a challenge.


Pocketmath integrates with Adobe Audience Manager

In an effort to support mobile-first brands and app businesses, Pocketmath, a self-serve mobile advertising platform provider, recently announced its Demand Side Platform (DSP) integration with the Adobe Marketing Cloud — Audience Manager. 




Adobe Audience Manager (AAM) is the industry’s first data management platform that consolidates audience information from all available sources. It identifies, qualifies and optimizes high-value target audiences, which can then be offered to advertisers via an integrated, secure, privacy-friendly management system that works across all advertising distribution platforms. 


Adobe Audience Manager manages your data pipeline by bringing your audience data sets together like never before. This in turn makes it easier to collect commercially relevant information about app visitors, create marketable segments, and serve targeted advertising and content to the right audience. AAM also offers easy tag deployment and management with robust data collection, control, and protection. 


Pocketmath integrates with Adobe Audience Manager

First-party data is the key to optimization since it provides you with the single most valuable insights into your user's behaviors, actions or interests. Think about the website data contained in your CRM, subscription data, social data, or cross platform data from mobile websites or apps.


By helping mobile brands and businesses leverage their own data, this powerful integration will allow you to do more advanced mobile advertising. It will enable your business to build unique audience profiles, so they can identify their most valuable segments and, thus, run effective mobile marketing campaigns for users at different stages of the marketing funnel. In addition, it will enable more effective and advanced optimization — be it retargeting of your dormant users or excluding users who may have already been converted. 


The integration between Pocketmath DSP and AAM will not only empower mobile marketers and mobile-first or mobile-only brands to drive retention, customer loyalty and lifetime value for their mobile apps. It will also offer a robust integrated engagement platform that can deliver a wide variety of campaigns to any live app, within minutes. 

Learn more about how you can do better with Pocketmath. Talk to one of our experienced team members today.





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