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Posted by Hannah Jeon on Dec 13, 2018 4:32:20 PM

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It’s the middle of the holiday shopping season with Christmas fast approaching. Not too long ago, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday dropped by. Which begs the question– is that it?


Extended holiday shopping is here

The short answer, our dear advertisers is– no. The long answer is, while Thanksgiving, Black Friday to Cyber Monday are the biggest online shopping days, December is expected to outperform November by almost $7 billion in 2018. In fact, trends have shown that the shopping period has been extending every year (either forward or backward) and spreading throughout the months of the name of the ‘famous’ shopping days. In addition, more bargain sales are coming- Boxing Day and Year-end.



50% of online shoppers use smartphones only

Now that you know holiday shopping is going overtime, you should also know that half of online shoppers are visiting retailer sites using their smartphone alone. Furthermore, smartphone shopping is predicted to drive close to one third of online purchases with noticeable growth year over year.



Be there for valuable mobile app users 

With more consumers spending more time on their mobile screens, and holiday shopping far from over, smart digital advertisers have the perfect chance to target this audience to improve awareness and convert it to installs or purchases.



Target consumers in your audience data pool 

Are you already drawing good traffic through your holiday campaign? Make use of your learnings from recent interest signals to reach those users who will most likely end up buying your products and services. Refine your strategy and use the signal data with insights of your audience’s usual active time and frequent areas to build a list consisting of people who have viewed or clicked your ads but are not converted yet. Likewise, let your whitelist of top performing publishers to shine. (Read more about Insights)



Refocus on your audience strategy to broaden the targeting radar 

Now’s also the best time to refocus on your audience strategy to yield an increase in overall campaign conversion. Lookalike modelling will cast a net. On top of that, you can narrow down the pool to a more relevant audience group by using our AppGraph audience.


How does it work? AppGraph* lets you target a selected group of Android users based on the apps they own on their mobile devices. Based on your lookalike audience persona, AppGraph will help target people who show similar interests and behaviors. AppGraph-powered lookalike audience targeting will also help prospecting efforts and lead to more meaningful results.


Here’s an example:

“Kelly” is an expat living in Singapore and waiting for a holiday back in US with her family on Christmas. She is also an avid traveler and plans to go somewhere mid next year. 




Based on this behavior, you can create a list of AppGraph audiences and run a campaign targeting that list so that your ideal audiences will be exposed to the relevant messages and ads designed for them.


As you can see, aligning the right audiences with your campaign goals and business goals will ensure your marketing efforts lead to far more effective results throughout the season.


*AppGraph Audience data is only available for Australia, Indonesia, Singapore and USA as of December 6, 2018. India data will be available soon.




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