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Posted by Hannah Jeon on Nov 2, 2017 11:40:15 AM

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This guest blog article has been written in collaboration with Chelsea Murray, Programmatic Partnerships Manager at InMobi. InMobi provides a global mobile advertising and discovery platform.


As mobile apps continue to grow in popularity and consumer in-app time increases – brands would do well to take advantage of this unique opportunity. After all, there has never been a time in marketing history where information on consumer profiles has achieved such an elevated level of accuracy and sophistication. That said, your advertising has the opportunity to become more effective than ever before.

Key mobile in-app user trends

According to eMarketer, U.S. adults spend 1 hour and 54 minutes a day using apps on their smartphones in comparison to only 19 minutes a day surfing on mobile websites – which converts to around 86% and 14% usage time respectively. Other figures are even higher with 92% time spent on apps versus just 8% on browsers.


Fueling brand growth in automotive

Understanding where a brand’s core audience is engaging is imperative for marketers to receive the most return on their investment. For example, a 2017 survey from eMarketer showed that more than half of millennials are using a mobile device while shopping for a car. Armed with this behavioral insight, automotive advertisers can reach out to this audience through in-app advertising.

Pocketmath buyers in particular can transact across InMobi Exchange’s fully transparent, brand safe and highly viewable in-app supply. They can target the right persona for maximum engagement since InMobi’s high SDK integration passes device IDs and clean location signals to target the right audience at scale.





Investing in mobile in-app is right on the money

Banking, finance and credit opportunities likewise abound in the mobile app world as mobile banking users are estimated to have reached 111M in 2016. Millennials using mobile banking in the US will grow from 86.3% in 2016 to 94.2% in 2019 while 82%* of mobile banking app users continue to express satisfaction with their bank compared to 71% non-app users.





Using InMobi, Pocketmath DSP users will be able to reach 1.56 billion banking users globally at scale. They can also access unique inventory and global scale with over 22,000 apps.


Connecting through premium in-game advertising experiences

It is estimated that by 2020, 77% of mobile phone users and nearly 64% of the entire US population will play games on their phone at least once per month. This isn’t surprising as the popularity of gaming apps continues to grow. With that in mind, gaming apps offer advertisers high impact video advertising just like having a personal television commercial in the palm of your hand.



You can reach players in a non-divisive brand safe environment as they are both tuned-in and in a laid-back entertainment state of mind. Video ads are also full-screen, clutter-free and give you 100% share of voice. Through Pocketmath and InMobi’s integration, advertisers can create an emotional connection between their brands and gamers, and gain access to high impact gaming inventory at global scale.

Indeed, you will reach the 190 Million+ users in the U.S. who play mobile games every year – or 60% of the population and 80% of all mobile phone users.



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Captivate and capture your audience with engaging ad formats

If you’re ready to take on in-app advertising, Pocketmath and InMobi are ready to propel your campaigns to the next level with dynamic and compelling ads.

As a global mobile advertising platform that specializes in delivering the best ROI for mobile marketers, InMobi’s mobile-first platform has been pioneering the next generation of ad experiences, including video advertising. Begin your in-app advertising journey with the following formats:


  • 360º Vertical Video - with interactive Rich Media End Cards
  • Video Carousels – to promote your brand’s key attributes
  • Full Screen Interstitials - cover 100% of the user’s screen
  • Rich Media - engage leaned-in users with custom rich media. InMobi additionally has an in-house creative team that can build custom creatives
  • Geo Context - drive users to a specific location with maps
  • Rewarded (Opt-in) Video – seamless video delivered at the natural breaks of the app flow 




<source: InMobi>




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