How does Pocketmath address safety and quality in the Advertising industry?

Posted by Nuno Jonet on May 29, 2017 10:00:00 AM

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Programmatic advertising has greatly expanded options for marketers. Upon its advent, marketers realized that automating the media buying process can lead to much greater scale — data-based, highly targeted, automatic ad buys and placements.


The pendulum swinging back harshly over the last few quarters


There have been issues and events around ad fraud, bots, and brand safety over the past few months. The issues are connected to the question about quality.


The amount of global advertising revenue wasted on fraudulent traffic, or clicks automatically generated by bots, could reach $16.4 billion in 2017, according to a study commissioned by WPP.


The issues are obviously not only a massive problem for marketers, but also an existential risk to the entire advertising community as a whole. 


Spearheading endeavors for a qualified ecosystem both on the supply and demand side


In 2016, Pocketmath made a definitive push to enhance our creative policies and processes to better control and ensure the quality of our customer’s ads. Our efforts did not stop there. On the supply side, Pocketmath made adjustments to better fit the demand from our current customers as well as our prospective partners starting in early 2017.


In doing so, Pocketmath has begun the process of qualifying, not just the publisher placements that Pocketmath customers are bidding on, but also the kind of audience reached from those placements. 


Looking at the efficiency of programmatic and quality of performance


In the past, Pocketmath was all about speed, scale and reach. After peaking at 70 billion impression opportunities a day, it’s safe to say Pocketmath has settled on those points. 

Now, Pocketmath is also looking at efficiency and performance.


Early in our efforts, we noticed things in the market that just can’t be right. The prices for installs and deeper funnel metrics were seemingly way off of that which should be expected in an open market. It has not been surprising to see reports like the one recently published by our attribution partner TUNE, where they discovered that large amounts of advertising inventory is fraud, in some form or another. We also look at our fraud detection partner Pixalate’s reports with great interest, like their latest Q1 report.




To help create the kind of quality inventory and service that advertisers deserve and demand, Pocketmath will continue to build on our proven capabilities of accessing large and varied amount of advertising impressions, coupled with our ingenuity assisting our customers plan, manage and optimize their campaigns, in collaboration with all of our partners.


Real performance and efficiency to real people, with qualified inventory as our backbone.


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