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Posted by Hannah Jeon on Jun 27, 2018 4:41:16 PM

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Pocketmath PRO is a self-serve mobile DSP that delivers valuable advertising experiences to all levels of in-house marketers, programmatic media professionals, and mobile-driven businesses. In collaboration with leading industry partners, we offer quality mobile inventory (extensive or custom-curated), essential targeting methods, insight-driven optimization and automation, and KPI-driven insights and reporting.



Armed with proprietary programmatic technology, Pocketmath can process massive amounts of data – from thousands of apps, games, and mobile websites, to millions of smartphone and tablet users. Harnessing this capability, Pocketmath can help you bid on ad placements on apps and mobile webs, and dynamically price each impression to optimize your ad spend — all in Pocketmath PRO.

Employing our mobile specific measurements and reporting processes, campaign insights can be applied to improve your current campaign optimization, and build your next media buying strategy or retargeting processes. 




Are you serious about mobile business and consumer? Go Pocketmath PRO.

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