Tracking Conversions: Your Key Success Metrics

Posted by Guo Zheng Ang on Aug 22, 2018 10:01:00 AM

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It feels awesome, isn’t it? Your mobile campaign is finally up and running. Your ads have started generating an impressive number of clicks. But wait! Are those clicks translating into actual revenue figures or clientele?

Without conversion tracking, you won't truly know.


The point after all is to maximize the returns from the dollars spent on promoting your product and stop your marketing campaigns when they have reached the saturation point.

With conversion tracking, you will be able to identify how well your mobile campaigns are generating installs, sign-ups, sales and other key performance index vital to the success of your business. To do that effectively, you need to track the right conversion metrics that enable you to measure and gauge the efficiency of your mobile campaigns.

These metrics should have conversion data that contain insights that will help you identify the areas of your campaign that are working and not working, so you can optimize your marketing strategy and adjust your target accordingly.






Choosing a single conversion event can be tricky even for the most experienced marketer. Also, in many cases, a single conversion metric is insufficient when measuring your mobile campaign's performance. Failure to pick the right conversion events leads to a failed campaign.


At Pocketmath PRO, your success is our mandate. We want you to select and track the right conversion metrics. Our platform makes this happen by showing the most popular mobile KPI events used by other users (advertisers) based on your campaign type and objectives. Beyond serving as a guide to help pick the right ‘events’ for you to track and measure your mobile campaign, it helps you analyze what your competition is measuring for their campaign.

Now you have the flexibility to track multiple conversion events per brand/advertiser, so you can plot your customer’s user journey and retarget those who have dropped off. 






Our recommendation? Pick at least 3 conversion events to track based on your user journey. The first event should measure engagement, next measures interest, while the final one measures the conversion event. This will allow you to set up retargeting campaigns in the future to re-engage interested users who have not converted.



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