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Posted by Hannah Jeon on Jan 25, 2017 2:18:59 PM

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Native advertising is expected to continue to thrive in 2017, according to IAB. Over the last few years, it has fundamentally changed the way publishers and brands have distributed their content through paid ad formats, allowing them to benefit from an “invest less, earn more” strategy.  


So…what is native advertising?

“Native advertising is a form of online advertising that matches the form and function of the platform on which it appears.”


As a result of this blending, native ads fit more seamlessly within a user’s app and mobile experience, which means that native ads tend to receive much better user engagement than typical display banners. The unobtrusiveness and relevancy of mobile native advertising is especially welcome—particularly on the small screens of most mobile devices and the comparatively limited bandwidth of mobile browsers.


Here are some examples of native ads.





A study by Yahoo! found that native ads drove a 3.6x lift in branded search vs. conventional ads. The survey also detailed that 60% of consumers “feel positive” about the format.


Consumers are 25% more likely to look at a native ad than they were at a banner. They look at them 53% more frequently, checking them out 4.1 times per session on average, versus 2.7 times for banners, according to Jeff Bercovici of Forbes.


Brands are jumping on board, too. According to, GE’s native advertising campaign resulted in a CTR of 8%, while on the other hand GE’s display advertising CTR average was 0.19%.



Native advertising— available on Pocketmath

We started offering a large amount of mobile native inventory available through Pocketmath’s self-serve mobile ad platform in November 2016, and we’re improving through the year. We’re sure you’ll see higher clickthrough and conversion rates, as a result.





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