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Introducing a New Bid Price Optimization Algorithm

Sep 18, 2019 8:16:35 AM

Just like how mobile marketers are consistently adjusting and re-adjusting their tactics, Pocketmath is taking steps to ensure our users get more bang for their digital advertising buck. And we are excited to announce a new bid pricing optimization algorithm for Pocketmath, which is already deployed on our platform. Data shows we have reduced our bidding amounts by 10 percent, and our users can now expect to get more impressions with the same ad spend.


So, how does this new-and-improved algorithm work? We won’t give away all of our secrets, but we can say that the algorithm uses machine learning to look at dozens of variables in a user’s historical data for in-app header bidding and first price auctions. From there, it is able to analyze the data to see how each variable has correlated into a user’s ad performance. With the appropriate data in tow, the algorithm finds the perfect combination of variables from previous campaigns in order to best evaluate and submit upcoming bid prices. This variable combination is updated multiple times a day, so that the variables can integrate the active campaign data to optimize as it runs.

Lightning-fast campaign optimizations

Pocketmath is proud of our unrivaled campaign optimization speeds, which will allow us to get rapid feedback on this new pricing algorithm. Being able to optimize campaigns in just two minutes allows us to quickly test changes on the algorithm as well, such as adding new variables or adjusting the weightage of variables. This way, our clients will continue to receive lightning-fast feedback on their media buying strategies while seeing their bid amounts reduced by 10 percent.

We are now even better able to get impressions at the fairest price possible, and help our users achieve their KPI targets. In an era of fast internet and hyperlocal targeting, Pocketmath is committed to staying ahead of the curve of mobile adtech solutions to ensure our customers’ successes.


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Nuno Jonet

Written by Nuno Jonet