How to make “eggcellent” Easter marketing strategies

Posted by Hannah Jeon on Mar 21, 2017 10:50:24 AM

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Can you believe that last year, according to the National Retail Federation, American consumers planned to spend a combined $2.4 billion on candy to celebrate Easter? That’s a lot of Easter baskets! And surprisingly, it edges out ever-so-slightly the traditional holiday heavyweight in the candy department, Halloween (which expected to see $2.1 billion in candy sales). 


The National Retail Association surveyed 7,264 Internet users in the US, aged 18 and older, about their holiday spending plans. In 2016, retail spending in the US at Easter was expected to reach $17.3 billion—up from $13.0 billion in 2010. So perhaps “Easter shopping” is becoming “a thing”!




<Source: National Retail Federation (NRF), “Easter Spending Survey”, 2016>


‘Eggcellent’ time to maximize retail sales

In spite of the bullish outlook on candy and improving retail sales overall, it’s a well-known fact that Easter is not the best holiday for marketing and advertising when it comes to generating revenue. Nevertheless, because we all love to spend and buy things around a holiday, all is not lost: you can still reap seasonal rewards this Easter.


The same NRF survey also looked at where US Internet users planned to purchase their Easter gifts. More than half of respondents (58.4%) said they planned to shop at discount stores, with . 41.4% saying they intended to shop at department stores. And some 21.4% of Internet users said they plan to shop online—music to mobile advertisers’ ears. 



<Source: National Retail Federation (NRF), “Easter Spending Survey”, 2016>


Which corroborates with what we’ve seen here at Pocketmath, as well: looking into data for past Easter seasons, we see that there is a noticeable mobile-ad spend trend around Easter in the United States. Ad spend increased in US, starting to accelerate within one-and-a-half weeks before Easter, itself, and recording a 1.3x increase compared to the beginning of March. We saw a growing demand for mobile impressions.


Unsurprisingly, Shopping and Comparison categories outperformed the rest of the categories, reflecting hopes to capitalize on Easter shopper behavior.




Reach your customers when they are in the Easter mood

No matter how big or small the holiday is when compared to others on the calendar, Easter is a great opportunity for marketers and advertisers to remind consumers—who will likely shop, clean, cook, bake, or take the family out for the day—about their presence and encourage them to buy their products and services.


Here are six tips you can use to maximize your “eggcellent” mobile marketing effort for Easter 2017.




1. Target

Use various targeting parameters—such as device (OS version, model, and so forth), app/web, and time of day—to best reach your desired audience. Also, take advantage of audience data to access a variety of pre-built audience-segment groups.  


2. Nimble

Use our per-publisher CPM to adjust the CPM pricing at the publisher level. Do this in combination with our optimize for prospecting feature to quickly gain data on top-performing publishers.



 timesaver.png frequency.png 

3. Timesaver

Try our bulk edit of order feature, which can save you a lot of time editing multiple orders at once.  


4. Frequency

Use our advanced frequency management feature to control the quantity of ad impressions.  

creative_exposure_strategy.png achieve_performance.png

5. Creative & Exposure 

Run multiple creative messaging across ad sizes to maximize your campaign’s reach. You can also use time and day targeting wisely to reach your audience at the right time. Also, deliver great results with native creatives.  


6. Target

Hit aggressive cost-per-click (CPC) targets using our built-in optimization algorithms during this critical sales period.





Schedule a call with our team and learn more about how you can do better with Pocketmath for Easter 2017.





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