How-to: Organize multiple campaigns with Pocketmath's PRO Advertiser page

Posted by Hannah Jeon on Jul 2, 2018 6:28:32 PM

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Once you log into the Pocketmath PRO mobile advertising platform, the default ‘Advertiser’ page appears where you can view all your advertisers and their overall summary stats. The Advertiser page makes it easy and simple to manage and organize multiple mobile advertising campaigns according to your client account or advertiser.



In the Advertiser page, Pocketmath PRO allows advertisers to track user actions (or events) through mobile-specific measurements devised to effectively track mobile campaign objectives. Setting clear objectives for an advertising campaign is essential and it needs to be tracked with right metrics to measure the success effectively.


You can select your preferred listed KPI events:


  • In-App: App Install, App Open, Sign Up, Login, Top Up, First Transaction, In-App Purchase
  • E-Commerce: Subscriptions, Likes, Content View, Sign Up, Login, Add Payment Info, Add to Cart, Checkout, Purchase
  • Or select ‘Custom’ to create your own custom KPI event.


    What is an "event"?

     An event is any action on your app or mobile site that can be tracked, such as

     when someone visits a page or purchases an item.


    Why should an advertiser track events?

     By adding events, Advertisers enable Pocketmath to show ads to people likely

     to take a specific action (called a conversion) or build audiences of people who

     triggered a specific event. Advertisers can even add parameters that pass

     unique information, such as the dollar value of a purchase.














Once selected, the events are listed under ‘Selected KPI’. Once you create a report, user actions or events will be shown and measured with the selected KPIs in the report.

If all is good after setting Attribution Method, you will submit and see that a new advertiser has been created.




Do you have multiple clients and campaigns to manage? Pocketmath PRO can help.

Talk to our expert for a demo.




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