More for less: Maximizing your mobile advertising campaign potential

Posted by Nuno Jonet on Apr 19, 2018 3:35:34 PM

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Something amazing is happening to your mobile advertising campaign numbers. And we couldn’t be more pleased to announce this awesome news!

If you’ve been running campaigns with Pocketmath in March and April, you may discover that your campaigns gained more impressions than average, and of course more clicks, too.




To be very specific, the overall bidding volume went up by 40% and our win volume increased by 25%. More importantly, our overall average eCPM and eCPC went down by roughly 20%!



Bidding Efficiency

Cost Efficiency


Bid Rate

Win Rate



 Jan 17   vs. Jan 18





 Feb 17  vs. Feb 18





 Mar 17 vs. Mar 18






What does it all mean? We’re maximizing your campaign’s full potential as we are buying more impressions and clicks with the same budget.


So how did this happen?

Well over the past months, our team at Pocketmath observed bidding patterns and cross-referenced these with impressions won and clicks received. Yes, it did take some time but it was worth all our effort as we were able to restructure our bidding strategy based on these findings. 




Rest assured, this is a continuing theme and vision here at Pocketmath: creating more value to you our customers, by learning how we can buy more mobile advertising opportunities safely for your brand and target audience, and deliver great returns on your ad spend.

And we’re not done yet. Expect more exciting updates soon, not just on bidding performance, but overall value-added initiatives to your campaigns.



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