Mobile will drive the growth in total ad spending in 2017

Posted by Hannah Jeon on Jan 25, 2017 2:01:58 PM

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Reportedly, the advertising industry will reach a major milestone for ad spending in 2017. This year, total digital ad spending is forecasted to exceed TV ad spending for the first time, driven by mobile.


Mobile travels with the digital consumer every day 

This development is hardly surprising. We increasingly spend more time on mobile devices and technology—you order food or buy your movie tickets with a simple tap on a screen from wherever you are. (Yes, you are not alone!) Your mobile activity represents you. And that means a lot to brands and marketers.


Nevertheless, it seems advertisers are not keeping up with the growing habits of digital consumers. According to Mary Meeker’s highly respected “Internet Trends Report in 2016”, in the US alone, a quarter of users’ time is spent on mobile—but only 12 percent of advertising budgets are spent on mobile.



<source> Mary Meeker's 2016 Internet Trends Report


Meeker estimates that there is an untapped $21 billion advertising opportunity for brands and marketers in mobile, in the US alone! Surely, mobile is where the growth is at.



Tap into the Growth

We have seen and expect continued momentum in spending for mobile app user acquisition and engagement. As the primary channel for content, services, and entertainment on smartphones, this is a huge market. Even mobile web (in spite of issues around targeting on mobile devices) still drives an enormous amount of interest, especially for e-commerce. We expect these patterns to increase throughout 2017, with growing sophistication and expectations.




It’s natural to expect that native advertising will be a huge force behind mobile advertising performance. Advertisers would do well to at least experiment with, if not fully invest in, native ads to drive acquisition and engagement on their products and services.


We look forward to another fantastic year for mobile advertisers and are excited to be a part of this awesome wave.




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