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Native Videos : More Reach, More Engagement

Jun 6, 2019 8:00:00 AM

Native advertising is growing rapidly and according to IHS research, 63.2% of mobile display advertising will be Native in 2020, about $53 billion in total advertiser spend.


Successful Native Ads that include engaging content and video content are much more likely to get attention and facilitate interaction with the user. Native Video Ads are a very powerful tool for storytelling and brand awareness.

What are native video ads?

Native Video Ads are video ads that blend into the publishers content by having the same look and feel. By definition it doesn’t look like advertising and doesn’t disrupt the user experience.

 Why more engagement?

Due to their disruptive nature, traditional in-stream pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll are starting to lose user attention. Users who only want to watch the main video content are getting annoyed by this type of ads and would skip ads whenever possible. According to IPG’s figures, 65% of people skip online video advertising as soon as they can.

Unlike pre-roll video, native videos are not disruptive and allow the best user experience as this gives the freedom to the user to scroll through the content without being disrupted. With this experience, users are more likely to allow the message to reach them and engage them.

In summary, this format is persuasive in a natural way allowing brand or product “soft sell” leaving a long term positive impact.

Key figures

Native videos increase reach and engagement, here are some key figures (from Teads and Adyoulike reports) :


Where to buy?

The good news is that you can buy Native Video Ads programmatically, today. It used to be seen as a premium segment only on social networks news feed, but it has now expanded to most of the premium publishers who sell their inventory programmatically.

Want to get started with Native Video Ads? You can set up your creative on Pocketmath PRO platform and start your campaign now.




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Hai Line Hua

Written by Hai Line Hua