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Hit the right target with these 9 mobile targeting options

Jul 4, 2018 4:14:11 PM

Your programmatic advertising journey begins with creating a set of criteria that define your chosen target customer segment, according to your campaign strategy, based on a strong understanding of your audience and their online behavior.On top of that, to truly maximize your campaign’s effectiveness, you should be able to segregate your target audience at a granular level with your preferred method to reach them for an effective programmatic activation.

Targeting is an advertising mechanism that makes this segregation happen as your adverts only appear at the location and interests of your selected users. Targeting gets even better with Pocketmath PRO as it empowers you with nine targeting options.


Pocketmath PRO amplifies these options by giving you the ability to tweak multiple parameters according to your targeting strategy. For example, you can create your Demographic, Time, Carrier and OS targeting directly at the ‘Ad Set’ level.

You can also create and upload your inclusion and exclusion lists using the 'List' section on the platform for the following targeting options: Hyperlocal Targeting, Audience Targeting, Publisher Targeting, Device Targeting and Retargeting.


The ‘List’ section also provides a quick view of all the details you need and gives you the choice to remove items directly.

We do understand that you know which publishers are best for your campaigns.

Nonetheless, we have the ‘Explore’ module so you can gather more publishers which you feel makes sense to your campaign objectives, and of course, add to your existing whitelist or blacklist.

‘Explore’ also allows you to see the breakdown of available impression inventories by country, ad exchange, platform, category, OS, ad format, and ad size. Furthermore, you can search per bundle ID or keywords.

As mentioned earlier, don’t forget to use whitelisting and blacklisting when creating or editing your ad set in Targeting (or retargeting too).



Here’s a quick review:

A whitelist includes a list of acceptable apps or mobile sites on which to run inventory. A blacklist, on the other hand, excludes apps or mobile sites where inventory is not to be served, ever. Do remember that with Pocketmath PRO, you can use any of your previously created list for your inclusion (whitelist) or exclusion (blacklist) strategy.

For programmatic advertisers– digital marketers and media professionals like you, whitelists and blacklists help ensure that your digital campaigns appear only in places that share your brand values. And yes, they are just as essential in enhancing relevance to your target audience.

Looking to target locations to reach your audiences? Pocketmath PRO can help.

Talk to our expert for a demo.




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Hai Line Hua

Written by Hai Line Hua