How-to: Optimize and automate campaigns with Rules

Posted by Rhea Chandra on Jul 13, 2018 4:52:50 PM

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Time and Money – a campaign manager’s two most valuable resources. To save you each of these, Pocketmath PRO launched the ‘Rules’ functionality so you can automate and optimize your campaigns in real time. But hold on, what is a ‘Rule’?



Rules Defined

A ‘Rule’ triggers a series of predetermined actions once its set of conditions is met. Essentially, it aims to automate tasks that a campaign manager would perform regularly so that advertising campaign workflows become far more manageable.

Remember how exhausting it is to constantly keep an eye on your campaign’s metrics to avoid spending beyond your budget? Or how about pausing ads at midnight because they stopped delivering suddenly?

Using Pocketmath PRO’s platform, conditions are grouped together in ‘Packaged Rules’ and can be applied at the campaign or ad set level, making your life so much easier.

Go ahead – take that coffee break tension-free, and stop worrying that your campaign will overspend or underperform while you’re away! 





Make automated Rules work for you

Of course, your campaigns will always require some amount of attention. But this time, you can dramatically decrease monitoring as Rules do it automatically for you. Check out some examples of how you could leverage Rules:

Change Budget: Want to reward top-performing adsets and relocate spends from less than spectacular ones? Simply set up a Rule which increases budgets for adsets with good conversion rates, and decreases those that do not reach its clicks threshold.

Add to List: Tired of excluding underperforming publishers manually for each adset? Use Rules to add an app bundle or publisher to a whitelist or blacklist if they hit a certain condition. For example: Blacklist publisher P if it spends > $50 and gets no conversion.

Send Notification: Keep an eye on the overall performance of your campaigns on a weekly basis without going into too much detail. Set up weekly Rules for email alerts if there is a big dip in performance, or if some adsets are performing exceedingly well.

Pause campaigns: Are you running your campaign in phases, do you want to limit the spend in the first phase? This is how you do it: either set a budget cap of $x, or use Rules to automatically pause campaigns once they have spent $x.

Un-pause campaigns: If you plan to run different adsets in alternate weeks (perhaps for A/B testing), run Rules to enable and disable them on a weekly basis.



Managing your day-to-day tasks to save time so you can focus on other elements of the optimization process is now easier than ever. By giving campaign managers like you the flexibility to choose multiple conditions at the same time, or pick from the list of the packaged Rules set, Pocketmath PRO maximizes your efficiency, and your campaigns’. This goes without saying that packaged Rules help you multitask when you are under time pressure.


Got a Rule to suggest? Just contact help and support. Our Product team is more than keen to hear all about it.



'Rules' or 'campaign automation' is not as complex as you think. Try our packaged Rules with a single mouse-click. Are you interested to start your first mobile ad with us?


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