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Three Ways Adtech Can Make Companies Millions in New Revenue Streams

By Nuno Jonet on Jul 1, 2019 10:25:33 AM

With digital media ad spending expected to command half of the total global advertising spend as early as this year, adtech’s importance for any business has never been greater. But how can mobile-app businesses unlock previously untapped revenue streams? How can large companies make sure they don’t miss out on millions in potential revenue from leveraging the latest advertising technology?

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2 min read

Native Videos : More Reach, More Engagement

By Hai Line Hua on Jun 6, 2019 8:00:00 AM

Native advertising is growing rapidly and according to IHS research, 63.2% of mobile display advertising will be Native in 2020, about $53 billion in total advertiser spend.

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3 min read

Super apps are the next frontier for adtech in Southeast Asia

By Joanne Joynson-Hewlett on Apr 25, 2019 1:10:52 PM


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Audience Networks Are The Future Of Advertising

By Nuno Jonet on Apr 24, 2019 8:12:04 AM

Technology has gone mobile, and advertising is coming with it. With mobile marketing expected to be 86 percent of digital ad spend by 2022, a growing method of advertising is filling the need to ensure ads reach the right customers at the right time and place. Enter the rise of the Audience Network, a new era of adtech that allows social media marketers to expand their targeting and buy ads that reach users across a wide range of whitelisted apps.

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