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Posted by Kumar Samanvaya on Aug 25, 2016 2:00:00 PM

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If you’re in digital advertising, you can’t help but be aware of ad fraud. Research shows that more than $7billion dollars are lost due to ad fraud  but yet, it is an issue that suffers in silence, rarely spoken about but often danced around. As an industry, the more open conversations we have about ad fraud, the more we are able to push for cleaner inventory, ultimately reducing negative stereotypes about digital advertising.   

At Pocketmath, we believe we have an industry responsibility to ensure we tackle fraudulent traffic. We are pleased to announce that we have partnered with, Pixalate, one of the leaders in security tracking of fraudulent traffic. Pixalate’s proprietary solution monitors more than 15 million domains and 350 million IP addresses to identify suspicious Device IDs and IP addresses. This information is shared daily and helps us to filter suspicious/malicious impressions opportunities from our traffic.


Since we aggregate mobile traffic from more than 22 exchanges, this partnership focuses on providing clean traffic to our advertisers, regardless of the source they are buying traffic from. With this partnership we aim to achieve:



  1. Reinforced brand safety by ensuring that your ads are not served on apps/sites associated with malicious activities.
  2. Increased ad-server efficiency by reducing the wastage spent on fraudulent inventory.
  3. Overall cleaner inventory with better quality and performance.



We are blocking close to 3 billion impressions with the help of Pixalate’s IP and Mobile Device ID information and we will continue protecting you against new threats day after day. 


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