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Pocketmath PRO API Use Cases

Oct 4, 2018 9:00:00 AM

Here are a few use cases where using our API can make a positive difference in your campaign operations:


1. Automating campaign operations

  • Connecting online and brick-and-mortar retail: Let's say you have an app that connects online shoppers to physical retail stores. Based on the changing distribution of people in your user base, you would need to populate a GPS coordinate list of the location of users in real time. With our API, real-time updating is possible and can reduce turnaround time to a few minutes.

  • eCommerce operations with multiple users: If you have a diverse user base, multiple users will be at different stages of the buying process. It makes sense that you probably have segmented your users. You'll serve a different advertisement to the newly acquired customers’ devices and to customers who downloaded your app three months earlier. This process will require frequent updates to your device lists to ensure the right segments are targeted - using our API makes this possible.


2. Using custom optimization

If you're running your own algorithms for campaign optimization, you would have to set criteria that need to be fulfilled while you're purchasing mobile media. Here are a few scenarios where custom optimization is likely to be used:

  • When specific publishers need to be added or removed from lists
  • When maximum CPM bid prices must be adjusted depending on the time of day
  • To add or remove types of mobile devices or geo locations.

Of course, all these settings can be adjusted through our user interface, but with our API, you can configure adjustments programmatically, increasing the efficiency of your custom optimization.


3. Dealing with multiple DSP vendors 

If you're buying mobile media from multiple sources, managing the user interfaces of multiple vendors—both when buying and then managing campaigns—becomes a tedious, unscalable activity, to say the least. Building a common interface that automates the management of all your vendors makes sense. Our API facilitates this possibility.

Let’s look at how you can use our API to remove the tediousness of a regular process: Keep your Device ID list updated. If you would like to set this up in real time, please ensure you already have the following:

  • An updated Device ID list in CSV format (if not, upload or create a Device ID list in your Pocketmath account)
  • An API authorization token for the client account that you want to update



Once you're all set up, use the following algorithms:

  1. Use the Pocketmath API call to get all the existing lists in the Pocketmath account: GET device_lists.json

  2. For each file to upload, make sure it has already been created as a list in the Pocketmath account
  • If it has been created already, use the following Pocketmath API call to update the existing list: PATCH device_lists/{id}.json
  • If it has not been created, use the following Pocketmath API call to upload the new device ID file and create a new list: POST device_lists.json


Want to know more about utilizing the PRO API?




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Hannah Jeon

Written by Hannah Jeon