Pocketmath releases PRO API for seamless mobile ad buying

Posted by Hannah Jeon on Oct 4, 2018 9:01:00 AM

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We have officially released the Pocketmath PRO API today. 


As a self-serve advertising platform, a key focus is empowering advertisers to seamlessly harness our technology and programmatic advertising ability.


This means giving users complete control over their media buying process. PRO API makes this possible by allowing any brand, agency or developer to create their own software for automated media buying and targeting processes as it customizes the dataflow between their systems and Pocketmath’s.


With PRO API, you are not constrained by our user interface and reporting features. Instead, you can customize our technology to meet your unique needs which might be proprietary or not directly solved by us.


Essentially, we advocate leveraging on our API to customize your media buying experience or automate processes.




Because our API runs using RESTful API which is computer-language agnostic, you can use it to work with almost any programming language.



PRO API key benefits


 1. Easy-to-use

  • Quickest way to launch a mobile marketing campaign
  • Easily integrates with your current software
  • Programming language agnostic (uses web protocols)


 2. Performance, Automation, Scale

  • Create algorithms to optimize performance for your unique business objectives
  • Automate campaigns management: Once logic is built, it can be used indefinitely
  • Buy traffic and run campaigns at scale


 3. Control

  • Maintain complete control of your 1st party data
  • Full transparency and real time reporting gives you complete control of your budget allocation and inventory quality


 4. Customize Workflow

  • Use your own targeting parameters/segments and modify in real time
  • Configure reports the way you want
  • Integrate your mobile advertising data stream with your existing marketing Dashboards



Want to know more about utilizing the PRO API?




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