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Posted by Eric Tucker on Jun 25, 2018 8:44:48 PM

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Marketers have been talking about the level of complexity of Programmatic, multiple tasks management, manual "campaign automation", non-real time data, lack of insights, transparency, and performance. Eric Tucker our co-founder talks about  Pocketmath's new product launch — Pocketmath PRO — to address the challenges that programmatic marketers face today.


This week Pocketmath announces -- to the wider world -- Pocketmath PRO, a new offering we're very proud of. Our team has worked hard since identifying the need for PRO last year. The result is the best thing yet we’ve given to our customers.



Busy campaign managers tell us they love Pocketmath’s ease of use -- which has become our hallmark -- but they needed more scalable workflows to deal with large volumes of campaigns and creatives.

With PRO, we’ve built things like we always do -- by listening to actual people -- customers. We’ve upgraded workflows, improved performance, added custom KPIs and more -- while being very mindful of advertising professionals who need scale and the ease that sets us apart.

With performance, Pocketmath has always had some automated magic. With PRO, we doubled down on our machine learning. Performance across the platform will continually improve as our algorithms are tuned and learn by doing.

In Pocketmath PRO, we now support custom KPIs allowing advertisers to pursue new metrics and combinations of metrics. Likewise, building more capabilities and optimization around custom KPIs continues as a focus for us.


Pocketmath PRO has been beta testing with a few customers for the past couple of months. Based on feedback, we’ve ironed out the kinks and are adding a few features including further improvements to dashboards and creatives management.

The tech behind all of this is near and dear to my heart. Our engineers built Pocketmath PRO on a foundation years in the making. I’ll be talking more about what’s under the covers in time to come.

Check out the Pocketmath PRO press release.




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