Pocketmath’s integration of Neustar AdAdvisor Audiences®

Posted by Hannah Jeon on Mar 21, 2017 11:22:41 AM

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Successful marketing starts with the customer – are you targeting and reaching the right customer with your advertising? In today’s mobile marketplace, using the best data is the key to knowing, finding, and serving the right audience.


Pocketmath, a self-serve mobile advertising platform for marketers, is pleased to announce the integration of Neustar AdAdvisor Audiences®, a part of Neustar PlatformOne™, an award-winning identity data management platform (IDMP). Neustar AdAdvisor Audiences became available on the Pocketmath platform on March 1, 2017.


“Pocketmath's partnership with Neustar AdAdvisor Audiences marks the beginning of an age where data is becoming increasingly important for advertisers to target an identifiable and verified audience,” said Casey Grooms, Head of Strategic Partnerships at Pocketmath. “We're excited to bring this new dataset to Pocketmath's self-serve platform—with the committed focus to give advertisers the self-serve control needed in today's media buying paradigm."


Neustar is a great addition to Pocketmath’s self-serve platform. AdAdvisor Audiences not only enable accurate targeting based on ZIP code, age and gender, but also a wide range of attributes, including brand preferences, product affinities and psychographic variables. In contrast to traditional behavioral targeting data providers – where a behavioral “segment” represents a single behavior based on a recent observation – AdAdvisor Audiences are derived from Neustar’s real-time consumer insight engine and make thousands of insightful behaviors available based on verified of offline information. 


More advanced targeting that connects brands and consumers

Pocketmath has been integrating Neustar’s valuable and granular data into our platform for more targeted media buying or creative personalization.




Brands and marketers already buy quality inventory via RTB through our platform. On top of that, we enable all our clients to access a variety of pre-built audience segment groups through the integration with Neustar.


Beyond mere demographics, targeting criteria can include household income, past Internet browsing behavior, TV viewing habits (such as Day Part, Genre), purchasing behavior, travel-related activity, device (OS version, model, and so forth), and many more. Each pre-defined audience group allows our clients to target a portion of the US population that indexes highly for a particular behavior, characteristic, opinion, or brand preference. 



The following is a snippet from Neustar AdAdvisor Audiences.




“As Neustar AdAdvisor audiences are derived from our authoritative identity using the OneID™ system, which connects people, places and things, we can ensure that advertisers have the most accurate and real-time consumer attributes available to deliver hyper-personalized connected customer experiences,” said Julie Fleischer, VP of Product Marketing for Marketing Solutions, Neustar. 



About Neustar

Every day, the world generates roughly 2.5 quadrillion bits of data. Neustar (NYSE: NSR) isolates certain elements and analyzes, simplifies and edits them to make precise and valuable decisions that drive results. As one of the few companies capable of knowing with certainty who is on the other end of every interaction, we’re trusted by the world’s great brands to make critical decisions some 20 billion times a day. We help marketers send timely and relevant messages to the right people. Because we can authoritatively tell a client exactly who is calling or connecting with them, we make critical realtime responses possible. And the same comprehensive information that enables our clients to direct and manage orders also stops attackers. We know when someone isn’t who they claim to be, which helps stop fraud and denial of service before they’re a problem. Because we’re also an experienced manager of some of the world’s most complex databases, we help clients control their online identity, registering and protecting their domain name, and routing traffic to the correct network address. By linking the most essential information with the people who depend on it, we provide more than 11,000 clients worldwide with decisions—not just data. More information is available at https://www.neustar.biz 


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