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Access PRO Knowledge Base: Programmatic made more approachable

Jul 26, 2018 5:38:37 PM

For most people, Programmatic cannot be easily accessible. After all, its complexity can overwhelm even the best of us sometimes. It’s not uncommon for Digital Marketing Managers to become anxious about running a programmatic campaign particularly when they have incomplete or worse, zero knowledge of how it works. Those who work with a media agency may find it easier though if they are veterans, but for “Programmatic newbies” who are compelled to do it ourselves, the pressure is on!

Programmatic is effective! Here’s how to make the most out of it


Nielsen surveyed 3,000 US marketing executives between January and March in 2018 on the effectiveness of certain media channels. About half of them called Programmatic extremely or very effective. However, a large percentage of these marketers delegate their Programmatic work to someone else as its complexity makes it difficult for most to grasp.

We feel and understand your pain. Which is why we designed the Pocketmath PRO mobile advertising platform to make Programmatic as easy as possible for just about anyone to execute. Furthermore, we provide universal access to the world’s best mobile inventory as we’ve partnered with industry leaders to offer mobile programmatic advertising abilities not only to big businesses and media agencies, but also small to medium businesses who also want to access Programmatic advertising.

We want your mobile advertising campaign to truly succeed. So, we built the Knowledge Base eLearning center. Here, PRO users can learn how mobile programmatic and a DSP works. You also get tips and insights on how you can make the most out of Pocketmath PRO.

Composed of 25 units, the Knowledge Base helps you quickly get started with the Pocketmath PRO mobile advertising platform while offering fundamental and practical information that will take your understanding of programmatic advertising and a DSP to the next level.

The eLearning center is designed to answer frequently asked questions about a DSP and Programmatic including:

  • What is programmatic advertising?
  • How does a DSP work?
  • What do you need to do to create an Advertiser?
  • How is a campaign set up?
  • What is Targeting? What is hyperlocal targeting? What other targeting options are in the platform?
  • What is a whitelist or blacklist? How do you use it?
  • What are KPI events? How do they work?
  • How do you create a campaign report?
  • What do you need to integrate using API?
  • How do you use insights for campaign optimization?
  • Campaign automation sounds complex? What is the simplest way to use automation?
  • What is frequency management?
  • How do you measure campaign effectiveness?
  • How do you track your advertising campaign? 

New to mobile programmatic advertising? Sign up now and the Knowledge Base eLearning center will help conquer your fear of trying new things while accomplishing results through the self-serve platform.

And worry not! Our customer-centric account management and client servicing team will be there to guide you along if you encounter any difficulty. Go ahead. Give it a try today and experience the effectiveness of Programmatic.




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Hannah Jeon

Written by Hannah Jeon