A Refreshing New Look

Posted by Vasudha Srinivasan on Jun 14, 2016 5:12:15 PM


Since we launched, we have more than tripled in size; and with this expansion, our identity and culture has also evolved.  As a result, we felt that the time was ripe for us to re-examine who we are and whether the Pocketmath brand represents! 


How did we go about this? 

We decided to do this exercise in-house instead of using an outside consultant. “Foolhardy!” some might have said, but we haven’t regretted it (even if it sometimes did result in tiny nerf wars)! Including everyone in this exercise was important, even though doing it inhouse meant that it migth have taken longer. Beyond just looking at our logo, this exercise also evaluated elements of our two key assets: our product interface and our public website.


What has changed? 





Our visual identity...

  • Reflects our evolved identity as a diverse and global team
  • Looks significantly perkier, thanks to a refreshed color palette
  • Dropped the inter-cap “M” in “Pocketmath”-- because we like being low key! (pun intended)


Our new website...



Our updated product platform... 

...merits its own blog post, of course!


What did we learn?



1. Everyone has an opinion!  

No matter how unenthusiastic a team member might seem, you’d be surprised at how strongly they can feel about your brand. The brand, to them, represents the company they identify with and have chosen to be a part of.


2. Everything is “the brand”

It sounds incredibly cliché to say the brand is the experience...but it is! When we started examining our website, a chain reaction was set off, forcing us to examine backend workflows, operations, positioning, and so many more elements that we didn’t expect to be part of brand. But there they are!


3. Don’t change just because...

 It is tempting to want to change almost everything. When we were looking at radically different versions of our logo, the overwhelming feedback was not to stray too far from the original. People wanted to keep the bits of the brand to which they identified closely.


As with any product rollout, there will always more refining and improvements to come. Meanwhile, we hope you enjoy this new experience with us. Do share your feedback.



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