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Posted by Hannah Jeon on May 25, 2017 11:03:40 AM

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Programmatic buying offers great benefits, as we all know. So just imagine the power of programming the programmatic buying platform.


A major issue with any advertising campaign is the multitude of strategies you might have to run. It’s not unusual to have a dozen orders in a campaign, each with specific targeting parameters. As campaigns get more sophisticated, it’s challenging to manage all the knobs and levers with just the user interface.


More and more advertisers are buying digital ads without speaking to a single human at a media company, and the same might be said for print and TV ads. Programmatic buying makes ad transactions more efficient as long as the right data is applied. The concept is the closest thing to a holy grail for digital media buyers.

One single platform that fulfils ideal automation and optimization processes




Now marketers can automatically manage their mobile advertising campaign workflows using Pocketmath’s Rules. Different conditions can evaluate parameters and metrics in real time. When satisfied, they can trigger different actions across the campaign. 


Rules features you can use

a. Monitoring - CPC, CPM and conversion rates in the context of how much you spend

b. Prospecting - Buy a statistically significant number of impressions (you get to decide what this means for your campaign!), across our enormous inventory, and automatically stop buying when you get enough insight to make decisions 

c. Optimize publisher performance - Monitor, adjust, and pause whichever don’t hit your targets in real time 

d. Automation - Workflow automation through pausing orders based on pre-defined triggers related to ad spend, budget or performance 

e. Add to List - Leverage learnings and insights from one campaign and recycle them across other campaigns through “Add to List”. Fight fraud through blacklists, and retarget high performing publishers through whitelist 

f. Bulk Action - Perform bulk campaign cleanups quickly 

g. Custom Data - Create optimization rules from your own data 


You can start from the beginning by creating generic rules that can be selected to apply to any given order, campaign, or tag. The possible usage for Rules can be striking — there are a plethora of scenarios in which Rules can add value. 


Here are a few examples to get you started!


Rule for pausing bad CTR publishers

IF Publisher Impressions > 10000 AND Publisher CTR < 0.1%, THEN Pause Publisher


Rule for pausing poor-converting publishers

IF Publisher Clicks > 400 AND Publisher CVR < 0.2%, THEN Pause Publisher


Rule for pausing low-win publishers

IF Publisher Bids > 10000 AND Publisher Impressions < 200, THEN Pause Publisher


Rule for lowering CTR

If Publisher Impressions > 1000 AND Publisher CTR > 1%, THEN Pause Publisher


Rule for pausing poor-CPA orders

IF Order Spend > 400 AND Order eCPA > 20, THEN Pause Order


Boom! There is no need for micromanaging each publisher. No manual tweaking for getting performance. You just define the rules and triggers, and we will do the hard work for you.




The Pocketmath platform is the single place you can manage automation and optimization and we are continually enhancing our Rules to make it a lot easier for you.



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