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Pocketmath PRO is integrated with many of the biggest names in the mobile attribution space to enable advertisers to track and measure the success of their mobile in-app advertising campaigns, hassle-free. These include Adjust, Appsflyer, ApSalar, Kochava and HasOffers by Tune.



Adjust provides a fast and straightforward postback mechanism by allowing you to dynamically attach Pocketmath’s conversion tracking postback URL to the tracker URL. As no setting up is needed on their console, you can easily and flexibly configure your tracking postback URLs to suit each campaign you run with Adjust.


Understanding of Adjust Click URL:${ifa_qp}&android_id_lower_sha1=${sha1_dpid_qp}&gps_adid=${gaid_qp}&campaign=${campaign_id_qp}&adgroup=${order_id_qp}&creative=${source_id_qp}&rt=0&${imp_id}%3Dimp_id%26ce%3D2d7b4b976c49_1%26value%3D%26awin%3Dct30 

This is the Adjust URL with adjust’s event ID. This can be generated from the Adjust platform for each event you are tracking.



Theses are the parameters (prefilled with Pocketmath’s Ad Macros) to help adjust tracks and determine is a conversion is attributed to Pocketmath. We recommend you make sure to include device id information in the URL so that your conversion tracking will be deterministic rather than probabilistic.${imp_id}%3Dimp_id%26ce%3D2d7b4b976c49_1%26value%3D%26awin%3Dct30

This part of the URL sets up the postbacks for an install event. When an app install event happens, Adjust will send a postback to Pocketmath using the Pocketmath PRO conversion tracking postback URL.

Check out their install postback guide below.




When mobile users install or perform in-app events, AppsFlyer sends postbacks to inform Pocketmath PRO of the events in real-time. The platforms are integrated so all you need to do is to select Pocketmath as a partner on AppsFlyer platform and generate a click tracking URL. 


The `Install` event is tracked automatically whenever a new device installs your app. No set up is required. However, if you want to track specific in-app events, you can do so by specifying the Custom Event ID (denoted as “ce” in the below Pocketmath postback URL in the Partner Event Identifier field on AppsFlyer.${imp_id}&ce=d8d060385f38_7&value=&awin=ct30





Learn more about AppsFlyer’s Tracking Link Structure and Parameters below. 





ApSalar allows sending conversion postbacks back to Pocketmath via their self-service Postback tool. You can create and send postbacks to Pocketmath PRO using our conversion tracking postback URLs.

Please find a step-by-step guide on how to set up the postback URL below. 







Kochava allow you to send a real-time feed of installs and in-app events to Proketmath PRO using the Pocketmath PRO conversion tracking postback URL. You can create customized events on Kochava and connect them to the corresponding Pocketmath PRO postback URL on demand.


Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to set up the postback URL can be found below.


HasOffers by Tune

Hasoffers supports transactional postback tracking so you can use Pocketmath PRO postback URL directly to track conversion events. A server-to-server postback call will be made to Pocketmath when HasOffers detects a conversion event.

Find out more about HasOffers global postback URL below. 


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