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Posted by Hannah Jeon on Oct 26, 2017 5:41:45 PM

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Pocketmath aggregates all mobile real-time bidding (RTB) inventory into one self-serve platform. With RTB, Pocketmath is able to bid on individual impressions on apps and mobile web, within 100 milliseconds, dynamically pricing each impression to optimize your ad spend. Pocketmath helps you advertise across thousands of the hottest mobile apps, games, and popular mobile websites to millions of smartphone and tablet users: all in real-time.

Siftery's Kevin William David,  interviewed Hannah Sooyeon Jeon, Product Marketing Manager at Pocketmath to know more.






Siftery: Tell us about Pocketmath?


Imagine a place where brands, app developers and businesses come together to connect to their audiences. Pocketmath uses proprietary technology to become that place.

We’re basically a mobile demand side advertising platform that’s integrated with a large number of renowned inventory partners. More than any of our competitors, we can target a wide range of mobile users. In fact, even when I was still at Amobee, I already heard that Pocketmath is the world’s fastest mobile DSP with a large mobile inventory volume.

Now, that I’m a part of Pocketmath, I had the pleasure of witnessing its growth, from platform to technology. It continuously evolves to meet user needs — growing mobile inventory, improving targeting methodology, creating advanced ad type supports, and fortifying safety guards in collaboration with leading industry solution partners.




Siftery: Tell me more about the problem are you trying to solve?


Our company mission is "Reinventing Advertising”. We aim to help people by providing more accurate and relevant targeting solutions at scale, so much so that you can reach out to the right person, at the right time, right place, and with the right message.






This simple yet familiar mantra is what all marketers are aiming for. However, complications arise with industry concerns such as viewability, brand safety, and ad fraud. All these disturb the “three rights”, as well as ad quality and experiences for audiences, publishers and advertisers.

We are trying to fix this so you will earn relevant conversions and measure ROI better. It benefits not only advertisers and publishers but also to the entire advertising ecosystem.


Siftery: How is Pocketmath different from what already exists in the market?


There are a lot of strong players in this industry such as Adelphic and SiteScout.

“What sets Pocketmath apart is how we place our users and their mobile audience’s ad experience above everything else. That’s why we’ve created a simple and intuitive UI that makes navigation a breeze on our transparent platform and solutions.”, says Nuno Jonet, the company’s Head of Product.

More than that, our platform is built using our own technology, unlike some players who don’t. That means they lack technical ability, reporting and fee transparency.

Our customers love our unbeatable number of mobile inventory partners which yield large volume of impressions on your target audience.





Pocketmath is also an agile business that continuously meets changing mobile user trends. More than providing contextually accurate targeting methods, we also offer advanced ad types such as native ads and reward video ads which resonate well with today’s mobile users.



Read the rest of the interview here.


Start to reach your customers in motion with Pocketmath!




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