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Posted by Chartboost on Oct 9, 2017 10:25:00 AM

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This is a guest post written by our partner Chartboost. Chartboost is the leading games-only technology platform that helps developers reach more users and make more money. 


Mobile gaming is no longer a niche industry, it’s truly mainstream entertainment. In the U.S. alone, over half the population is now gaming on-the-go with no signs of slowing. The reach of mobile games in the US are growing at an exponential rate with 69 percent of mobile phone owners playing at least once a month. As games continue to dominate the app store, mobile gamers are taking on traditional channels and reaching a bigger daily audience than prime time viewers on ABC, CBS and NBC.




What does that mean for advertisers? The profile of the mobile gamer might surprise you. As mobile gaming became mainstream over the past few years, the audience diversified. For advertisers, it means the opportunity to reach an untapped valuable audience has never been bigger.    


Who is today’s mobile gamer?

It’s mostly female and over 25 years of age - surprise! The casual mobile game genre continues to take the world, specifically the US, by storm (think CandyCrush or Angry Birds) which means the players are a broad range of personas.






What’s the actual audience value in mobile games?

Last year non-game apps generated 11.5 billion in revenue - game apps generated over 50 Billion. The mobile game industry’s significant revenues speak to the engagement and buying power of this audience. In fact, 60% of the mobile gaming audience earn a household income 50K and above.





The mobile gaming audience is also shopping more online more and highly engaged on mobile for most content consumption over non-gamers. They are more likely to be paying customers to digital services and spend significantly on apparel, travel, and dining.


How can I reach this untapped audience?

Marketers looking to increase their mobile presence with an engaged lucrative audience should not overlook the mobile gamer. Games are built for engagement and the ad experience is no different, where rewarded video and playable ads perform exponentially well.



Chartboost is the largest independent in-app ad platform only behind AdMob, integrated in over 300,000 mobile games worldwide. We’re very excited to partner with Pocketmath in opening direct access to our inventory for brand advertisers.


Talk to your expert to learn more. 




This data is from a sample of over 64M devices from the Chartboost network in US across Google Play and iOS in partnership with Newzoo and TapFwd. Get the full report (free!) here.

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