How-to: Utilize Insights to achieve effective campaign performance management

Posted by Rhea Chandra on Jul 12, 2018 12:19:38 PM

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We’ve all been there before. We tweak, tweak and tweak our strategies – all in the name of achieving the best results and effective campaign management. Yes, it’s a daunting challenge without the right tools to aid you through the process. Fortunately, Pocketmath PRO helps digital marketers like you unlock your campaign data’s full potential by letting you track campaign performance and unveil optimization areas using its Insights module.




Ad Spending Tracking with Budget Pacing Bar

A smart advertising platform enables its users to track and optimize advertising returns on investment. With Pocketmath PRO, simply set up your campaign, adjust your targeting criteria in adsets, and hit the run button. Your campaign immediately appears as a line item in the dashboard -- and yes, you can track its performance right away.

Using the budget pacing bar, campaign managers get an overall picture of how well campaigns are spending their allocated budgets based on the run duration. If your campaign isn’t spending fast enough (or is under-pacing), just loosen the frequency capping or open targeting parameters.

Once the prospecting phase is over and your campaign starts delivering, leverage the ‘Insights’ data available to optimize it further.




Your Programmatic Campaign’s First Few Days

After running your campaigns for a couple of days, you’ve spent about 20% of your total budget across different strategies and creatives. Now you’re wondering how to allocate the remaining 80% of your budgets better.

You’d want to spend on the best creative (one that promises more clicks), target the right inventory (one that drives more conversions), at the right time (during hours where you get highest reach), and the right location (you don’t want to be spending in Sacramento when all your conversions are coming from Boston).

The ‘Insights’ module provides all this information at your fingertips, helping you find pockets of performance, and spot trends within campaign statistics.

Digital marketers can browse through subcategories such as:


Publisher: View overall trends to see which Exchange gives you maximum performance, or go in-depth to optimize at the publisher or bundle name level.

Creative: Measure performance across each ad format and size, and even pause / un-pause individual ads under that category.

Heatmap: Analyze a graphical representation of user behavior 24x7. Run your ads only from 2PM to 5PM each day if that time zone is highlighted on this tab.

Location: Check out which countries are giving you the best bang for your buck, but also look at which regions and cities within each country have the best reach.




Furthermore, you can use the date picker and filters to streamline your data and get specific insights. Adding different columns to the table enables you to track different events, or have a quick look at the visual charts to get an overall picture of the trends.
With all these options and capabilities, the Insight module can be one of your high-impact optimization levers to produce significant KPI results.



Pocketmath PRO Insights can help you effectively track campaign performance and unveil optimization areas in real time.


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