Retargeting 101: The Basics and Beyond (Part 2)

Posted by Hannah Jeon on Jul 19, 2018 2:56:48 PM

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Mobile retargeting is extremely useful to advertisers who have rich first party data on user behaviors. This information allows them to create special campaign segments, for instance, incentives for specific segments to increase app engagement. They can also design multiple creatives which play a very important role in the success of a retargeting campaign.


How to hit a home run with mobile retargeting campaign



You can take advantage of Pocketmath PRO Demand-side Platform (DSP). Integrated with one of our data management partners, like Adobe Audience Manager, LiveRamp or Lotame, it can help you deliver customized messaging to multiple target segments. Real-time insights and reporting it provides also helps you optimize the media delivery process further towards conversion. Plus, you can automate best strategies to free your brain to focus on devising other strategies.


Here’s an important tip – do not make the mistake of asking converted audiences to take the same action twice. If you are a Pocketmath PRO user, use our “Lists” module to build a blacklist/suppression list to exclude your converted audiences. You’ll avoid annoying your customer, you also save valuable impressions by avoiding people who already converted.

Also make sure that you apply a proper frequency cap so your potential customers or converters won’t lose interest by seeing your ads everywhere they browse. For example, overexposure could result in decreased campaign performance.


What’s important is striking a balance! Let's assume that you want to have your user see this ads for 6 times a day. If the viewability rate (percentage of times an impression is actually in view) of your ads for the target geo or publishers is about 75%, you should set the frequency cap to 8 for maximum effectiveness.


An example to illustrate how retargeting works:


E.g. A brand or a client wants to acquire new customers. They’re spending a lot but no conversion has been generated.


Use retargeting to reach out to people who have already shown interest in the product, e.g. whitelisting your website or app visitors. Take the customer segments’ viewpoint – understand their interest or behaviors and appeal to them with new creatives and messaging that highlight product features or benefits that matter to them.


Discover more use cases in our Knowledge Base that will help you understand how Retargeting works in mobile advertising.


Are you a Pocketmath PRO user? Simply log in to the Knowledge Base using Help & Support and get useful information for your mobile advertising strategy.




Always remember – it is best to understand the main KPI of your campaign (or campaign brief) before diving into developing or recommending a retargeting strategy. This cannot be said too often!



Do you need a simple guideline? Or, do you need a topline recommendation for your retargeting strategy with Pocketmath PRO? Contact us simply!



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